Comprehensive Coverage

About Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive car insurance offers widest coverage for your car. It covers losses which includes third party, fire, theft, and physical damage due to accidental collision and overturning. Besides, you can further enhance your car insurance comprehensive policy by adding in additional benefits that is available for you to choose from different insurers.

Ever since the liberalisation of insurance take effect on 1st July 2017, to stay relevant in the insurance industry and to serve the consumers better, besides more competitive insurance pricing, insurers have also looked into in providing better and innovative optional benefits that can increase protection for your car during unexpected circumstances and losses. With these optional benefits, you can now customise your insurance policy that best suit your lifestyle and risk exposure.

So let’s start compare and choose the best coverage and benefits for your car insurance!


New Featured Optional Benefits

Smart Key Shield
-To cover the loss or damage of your Smart Car Key. Click here to watch the video.


Special Perils and Limited Special Perils – Flood, Storm, Landslide, Landslip or Subsidence cover
-To protect your vehicle from flood and nature-related damages. Click here to watch the video.


Out-of-Pocket Expenses (OOPS)
– To provide you and your passengers with coverage against unwanted expenditures arising from accidents. Click here to watch the video.


-Safe Driving Bonus Up To 20%. AXA FlexiDrive tracks your driving behavior and rewards you with up to 20% savings on your next motor insurance renewal. Click here to watch the video.

Finding You and Your Car the Right Coverage

Not sure of what insurance coverage you need? No worries, here are a few car insurance plans we can advise to you based on which type of driver you are. Select the type of driver that best describe you, and find out what additional benefits you might want to consider add in to your car insurance policy.


The Good Track Record Driver
– A steady foot who always ensures to drive within the speed limit. Knows exact stopping distances and usually only use the car for short distance drive. The one who is known to be the slow and steady driver among all friends. Sometimes you wonder if anyone can give you a reward for being a safe driver. Find out what coverage you need.

The City Driver
– The one who drives to work everyday in the city, extra hours of driving because of bad traffic is no longer a surprise. Watching the water level slowly rises during rainy days while you are being stuck in the traffic is the last thing you want to see it happen. Find out what coverage you need.

The Family & Friends Driver
-Love hanging out and having road trips with family and friends. Always the one who suggest to carpool and volunteer to give a ride to friends. Extra distance drive is not a big concern of yours as long as you have company of family and friends. Find out what coverage you need.

The Long Haul Driver
– The superman driver. Due to work or personal reason, you are always on the road, travelling from one state to another. Your number one rule while driving on the highway is to not follow behind a lorry truck. Find out what coverage you need.

The New Driver
– The learners who try hard to follow every rule, and are often so busy trying to put their hands at 10 to 2 that they forget to put down the handbrake before setting off. Can get a little bit too excited driving on the road for the first time. Find out what coverage you need.


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