The Good Track Record Driver

The Good Track Record Driver

Are you a steady foot who always ensures to drive within the speed limit? Knows exact stopping distances and usually only use the car for short distance drive? Are you the one who is known to be the slow and steady driver among all friends? If yes, then this could be the right coverage you are looking for!

Right Coverage for You & Your Car

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Highlights of this Coverage:

The coverage suggested above has included AXA FlexiDrive as an add on benefit to your car insurance policy.

With this add on benefit, you will be rewarded for being a safe driver! Besides, AXA FlexiDrive also offering enhanced safety and security to keep you and your car even safer on the road!


Other benefits of AXA FlexiDrive:

⇒Safe Driving Bonus Up To 20%
    AXA FlexiDrive tracks your driving behavior and rewards you with up to 20% savings on your next motor
    insurance renewal.


⇒Enhanced Safety Features
    Automatic Accident Alert will be triggered when your vehicle is in a severe accident (impact exceeding severity


⇒24/7 Vehicle Security & Theft Recovery
    Real time alerts and police assistance upon customer notification for vehicle recovery.


⇒Smart Connectivity For Your Vehicle
    Check your car status on the AXA FlexiDrive mobile app, including car battery battery and ignition status


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Important Product Details of  AXA FlexiDrive: Protection Status